Training and Support

Workshops and Software Training

Our trainers are involved with the COPRA® design processes and that of our customers on a daily basis; therefore they have comprehensive practical expertise to help increasing efficiency in your company.

In addition to COPRA user training sessions we also offer roll design workshops where we address your typical forming issues.

We tailor our workshops and training sessions to suit your needs and standards.

COPRA Online-Training

Due to busy schedules and different locations, sometimes it is not easy to send your busy design engineers to training sessions, therefore data M offers on-line training sessions.

These enable you to save travelling expenses and your time. You even lower emission by not using a car or plane.

A data M specialist will host the webinar and all participants form the “virtual classroom”. All participants sit at their own computer and follow the presentation of a topic on screen. Naturally everybody is participating actively, which means questions can be asked any time.

We gladly hold on-line training sessions on your individual roll forming issues, and the duration of the session is decided by you.

COPRA Hotline Support

We support you not only with e-mail and phone, but also online. Our support experts can connect themselves to your computer or vice versa.

COPRA Software Maintenance

How precisely do you benefit from a COPRA® software maintenance agreement?

  • A COPRA software maintenance agreement is the least expensive of all possibilities for maintaining the very latest status – new updates are sent to you automatically and without further cost.
  • You secure the full value of your investment.
    Through a COPRA software maintenance agreement your software benefits from continuing further development of design and computing methods, keeping it right up-to-date and maintaining your competitiveness.
  • You participate in development.
    Software maintenance customers influence our new developments, contributing to constant optimization of the software.
  • The procedure is very simple.
    The COPRA software maintenance agreement runs for one year, and you can terminate it at the end of this period. Otherwise it automatically continues for another year. Billing is annually.