COPRA Roll Design Service

Customer proximity is exceptionally important –
data M expands its business all over the world!

For a number of years now our headquarters in Germany, data M Sheet Metal Solutions has been thinking about expanding its selection of services so that it can better communicate the expertise constantly being developed to its customers all over the world.

For this purpose the company has also established offices in Poland and UK. In this way data M engineers are always receptive to the needs of customers, to see what is happening on the market. We are at your service – locally.

What we offer to you:

COPRA Roll Design Service

You produce open, closed or shaped tubes – or you are planning to do so?
We do the roll design for you!
We are designing rolls for tubes and open sections:

  • Design and conception of the flower
  • Longitudinal strain check
  • Checking material thickness during the forming process
  • Roll Design
  • Dimensioning of single rolls and assembly plans
  • COPRA Roll Analysis Service

You need to improve your roll set?
We analyze and redesign your rolls!
We do not fight symptoms but…

  • We analyze existing forming and shaping passes
  • We give analysis reports and suggestions how to solve a problem
  • You get the actual geometry of existing rolls with the COPRA RollScanner
  • We compare the designed roll with the scanned roll (fingerprint diagram)
  • Forming Simulation and Optimization of Tool Sets

What are you doing if you are not totally satisfied with the quality of one of your roll sets?

  • The problems might show up in various symptoms
  • Our specialists are consulting you in terms of forming issues and are treating your tool sets by means of high efficient software programs in order to develop ways of improvement
  • Quality Control of Roll Tooling /
  • COPRA RollScanner Services

We are scanning your roll tooling also on a service base (COPRA RollScanner) and providing you with dimensioned CAD drawings, DXF files or COPRA data base files In addition to quality protocols (print outs) for each scanned roll we are even able to do a “reverse engineering” for each roll set. We are able to analyze the whole tool set with regard to forming quality and performance Our experts are using state of the art FEA software tools based on MSC’s leading solver MARC which has been optimized to the need of the roll forming industry. Any other forming process to be investigated?

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