About Us

data M Software India Private Limited

Since the early 90ies data M has been working in the Indian market as a supplier of software and engineered solutions for the roll forming industry. It started in 1994 – at Tube India ’94 conference, organised by the ITA (International Tube Association) in Delhi, where data M demonstrated its COPRA Roll Form software for the first time in India. Since then data M has been experiencing a growth of its business

In 2005 data M has started its operations in India to strengthen its product sales as well as support and engineering services.

Why data M Software India?

  • Ever since its incorporation in 2005, data M India has been offering software solutions to roll forming industries locally
  • data M India has an increasing base of customers
  • Over these years, we have been extending our consultation services to automotive industries, construction industries, locomotive industries and others in developing specialized products
  • Staff with training experience with leading companies around the world
  • Project handholding to customer, helping them to develop “know-how”
  • Hotline support through internet